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Your invite to SSW Tools 2.0 is here!

Hey School Social Workers - 📢 Exciting news! The next version of our free time study tool, SSW Tools 2.0, is ready for beta testing and we're giving our newsletter subscribers first access. 😊While we're in beta, we'll be collecting feedback 💬 and squashing ...


SSWN Newletter - Virtual CICO, Tier 2 Group Guidance, Equity & Social Justice Resources for Educators

Hey School Social Workers!I appreciate all the feedback from last month’s issue. Thank you to everyone who took time to reply and share your thoughts🙏🏻.If you have suggestions how we can improve this newsletter (or have resources you'd like us to feature) y...


SSWN Newletter - Back to School Resources for School Social Workers

Hey School Social Workers!With summer break winding down and many of us returning to work this month, I've decided it's time to start sending regular newsletters again.This issue focuses on resources to support school social workers in planning for the tran...


SSWN Newsletter - Why we need SSW research on COVID-19, Guidance for schools re-opening, Self-care plans during and after a pandemic

Hey School Social Workers!As you may have noticed, I've reduced the frequency of this newsletter from weekly to monthly during the summer. 🌞And although our emails have slowed, Michael and the SSWN team have been posting a lot of great content on our blog.H...


[SSWN Newsletter] How has your practice been impacted by the COVID-19 crisis?

Hey School Social Workers!Our SSW Practice During A Pandemic Survey Project link is now live here and on SSWN.Please consider sharing your perspective on how your SSW practice has been impacted by the COVID-19 crisis and stay tuned as we share the survey fi...


SSWN Weekly - Crisis Plan for Tragic Events During COVID-19, Elementary SSW During a Pandemic, Upcoming Grade Level Webinars

Hey School Social Workers,I've been thinking a lot about the growing need for bereavement supports during this pandemic and the challenges of providing these supports during social distancing and school closures.This week's issue includes a special collecti...


SSWN Weekly - Suicide Prevention During Distance Learning, Digital Citizenship Curriculum, New Grade Level Webinar Series

Hey School Social Workers,I'm heading into this week feeling more settled and I hope you are too! 😊Thank you 🙏🏻 to everyone who shared resources with me to include in this week's newsletter.There were so many great finds. It was tough not being able to incl...


SSWN Weekly - Grief Resources, Community Agency Database, Online Tools & Strategies Webinar

Hey School Social Workers,I appreciate all the feedback from last week's issue. Thank you to everyone who took time to reply and share your thoughts🙏🏻.One thing I kept hearing was how hard it is to feel useful and competent right now.Having went through a s...


SSWN Weekly - Providing School Mental Health Supports Online

Hey School Social Workers,This week's issue is packed with content, so I'm keeping the intro short to prevent clipping. 🙂Here are this week's top resources, reads, discussions, and upcoming events from SSWN and around the web:


SSWN Weekly - Resources for Virtual Service Delivery

Hey School Social Workers,Last week our government and professional organizations issued guidance pertaining to Telehealth, HIPPA, FERPA, Special Education Services, and the role of SSW's in response to the COVID-19 health crisis.However, most of us are sti...


SSWN Weekly - COVID-19 Crisis Resources, SSW Interview Questions, SEL for Staff, Evidence for Restorative Justice

To say that we have entered an unprecedented time in public education would be an understatement.The information and guidance we have received in regard to COVID-19 has changed on a day-by-day, hour-by-hour basis - leaving many of us unsure how to best supp...